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Welcome to Naturopathic Insights!

My name is Dr. Tanya Baldwin, N.D.

I opened Naturopathic Insights for you – because I’m passionate about offering my patients the opportunity to discover what really works for them in their quest for better health.

I provide education and counseling on a variety of women’s health issues, including drug-free approaches to managing hormonal imbalances (PMS, Menopause, PCOS, etc.), weight loss, and sleep disturbances.

Other areas of emphasis in my practice are digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease (hypertension, high cholesterol), allergies& asthma, as well as anxiety & stress management.

My Naturopathic services center on diet and lifestyle recommendations supported by nutritional and herbal supplements.
I also specialize in several deep-acting modalities – Homeopathy, CranioSacral Therapy and Bowen Technique – that may be used alone or in tandem with your naturopathic protocol.

A natural extension of my work as a Naturopathic Doctor is teaching mind-body movement in the form of Pilates and Gyrotonic® /Gyrokinesis®. These remarkable systems cultivate balance and connection through integrated and functional ways of moving.
The results are transformational: replacing tension, pain and restriction with ease, comfort and confidence. This frees up your energy and focus to enjoy the activities you love!

My promise to you

• To provide a calm, caring and respectful environment.
• To take the time to truly listen and understand your situation – so that I can respond to your health concerns in the most effective way possible. Nothing you say will be discounted, because you are the expert on you!
• To use my insight and understanding of the body and Natural medicine to identify and address the underlying causes of your illness - instead of simply suppressing your symptoms.
• To choose natural therapies that support and nurture your body’s self-healing abilities.
• To offer the tools and guidance you need to achieve your highest level of health.

My intention is

• That together we develop a program that will restore and maintain your health and well-being.
• To help free you from the distraction and limitations created by your condition & your symptoms – so you can experience and enjoy life to the fullest.
• To empower you to become a skillful and confident guardian of your health.

True healing is a journey,
And I look forward to helping you discover your way to wellness.

Warmest Wishes,
Dr. Tanya Baldwin, N.D.

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