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  • Are you ready to connect with your own natural grace and power?
  • Would you like to move through each day with ease, comfort and confidence?
  • Are you ready to befriend your body? To learn what it needs & responds to, and then nurture that relationship?

Pilates is a system of movement that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core (abdominal) strength, flexibility, alignment & mindfulness. This type of training teaches you to move with intention, fluidity and control. It is intelligent, functional movement that improves your posture, supports you in your daily activities and enhances your performance in other disciplines. It creates a long, lean and centered you!

Pilates is where I began my mind-body journey.

While seeking to maintain balance in my life during the early years of my Naturopathic practice, I found sanctuary in Pilates classes. Under the tutelage of several generous and gifted instructors, I developed a new body awareness and control that astonished me. With their encouragement, I pursued teacher training: studying extensively with Elizabeth Larkam, and becoming certified in Pilates mat and apparatus through Kathy Corey Pilates.
I have been teaching for eight years, working with students of all levels, helping them to adapt this powerful method to meet their needs. With motivation and patience, imbalances are corrected through movement that is both functional and healing.

Private training

Personalized attention is your best option for seeing results quickly.
One-on-one sessions target your specific goals: we retrain old tension patterns & habits that don’t serve you and replace them with integrated, connected ways of moving. The result is effortless, pain-free movement that leaves you feeling strong and energized.

This work continues to transform and enrich my life, and sharing the benefits with my students is a rewarding and joyful experience!

Teaching Schedule

To schedule a private Pilates session call (408) 348-4888.

Call (408) 348-4888 to schedule an appointment today!

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