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The Healing Power of Homeopathy

“There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was bebop, the second was homeopathy.”
~ Dizzy Gillespie, famous jazz musician

I’m no expert on bebop, but I do share Mr. Gillespie’s admiration of Homeopathy. It is, in my opinion, the most deeply curative of all the healing arts. I have seen it transform lives – releasing patients from their chronic patterns of pain & dysfunction when nothing else could.

While Homeopathy is one of the therapies used under the umbrella of Naturopathic Medicine, it is a separate & powerful discipline unto itself. It supports the body’s natural movement toward health & healing in the safest and gentlest way possible.

Exclusive to this system are specially prepared Homeopathic remedies - highly diluted plant, animal and mineral substances- used to bring the body, mind & spirit back into equilibrium.

Remedy selection is based on the principle that “Like cures Like” also known as the Law of Similars: the remedy whose symptom-picture most closely matches your own (i.e. the most similar) is the best choice to stimulate your body’s self-healing responses.

All of your symptoms - physical, mental, and emotional – must be considered to find the correct homeopathic medicine for you. Effective homeopathic prescribing focusses on your unique expression and experience of the disease, not the disease itself. It is a very personalized & holistic therapy: it is not unusual for several patients suffering from the same complaint - like a headache - to each receive a different remedy based on their distinctive presentation.

What Conditions can Homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy has a wide application in both acute and chronic situations:
  • Speeds recovery from surgery and acute injury – such as fractures, sprains & strains.
  • Shortens the duration of colds, flus, fevers and coughs.
  • Allergy relief and desensitization to both dietary and environmental triggers.
  • Headaches and Migraines.
  • Skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Digestive disorders: nausea, constipation, heartburn, food poisoning.
  • Hormonal imbalances: hot flashes, PMS.
  • Anxieties, phobias, and depression.
  • Arthritis, Tendonitis, Back pain and Sciatica.
I use it extensively in my practice because of its profound therapeutic action and excellent safety profile. Homeopathy is compatible with conventional medical treatment & appropriate for all ages.

I find it especially helpful for children with developmental, behavioral, learning and/or socialization issues – including hyperactivity, conduct disorder, OCD, Asperger’s & autism, etc.

What can a patient new to homeopathy expect?

Although Homeopathy can be quickly prescribed in first aid and acute conditions, its most potent application is the in-depth case taking and analysis required to find the constitutional remedy, or homeopathic “similar”. This is the remedy that embodies your thoughts, behaviors and feelings as well as your physical symptoms and susceptibilities. It delivers a signal to the body that enhances your natural defenses and restores balance to the deepest parts of self.

My patients on constitutional remedies consistently report more resiliency and vitality in their day-to-day lives. Their remedy provides protection from the many demands and challenges created by a high-stress world.

Your initial homeopathic consultation will last 1 ½ hours to provide sufficient time to tell your story in your own words. Following this visit, I will study your case thoroughly before selecting the remedy that most closely matches your state.

The frequency of follow-ups varies on an individual basis, but appointments are typically scheduled four to six weeks apart initially, then we meet every 2-3 months as you continue to improve.

The promise of Homeopathy

"My constitutional remedy has been my ally from the very beginning. First I could feel it reaching deep into my physical body, and after much healing on that level, it started to embrace my emotional and mental state. Gently and softly, it helped to unravel and heal the hurt.”   Barbara H., San Jose CA

Homeopathy helps dissolve the layers of pain, restriction, anger, fear, and self-doubt that hold us back.

It effortlessly reveals the best version of ourselves: confident, vital, joyful and free.


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