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Success Stories

What my patients have to say about Naturopathic Medicine:

"I am very pleased with the nutritional counseling that you have given me. Before I saw you, I had extreme pain in my left knee due to arthritis. After taking the supplements that you prescribed, I am totally pain free most of the time and very thankful."

"Over the past ten years, you have been very supportive and helpful. I have appreciated how you have taken a personal interest in my health issues - especially in regards to my immune system as a breast cancer survivor."
~ N.G

“Dr. Tanya, I am so grateful to you for resolving a chronic digestive problem that had taken over my life. Your expertise in homeopathic remedies worked wonders for me. Thank you.”
~ Betty S.

“I came to you with TMJ, low level chronic pain, asthma, and stress. Using CranioSacral, you have helped me with all of these issues - and helped me to dance comfortably through rehearsals and performances long past retirement age. Thank you!”
~ Lori Seymour

“Dr. Tanya, I have had the pleasure of being treated by you over the past few years, for problems with allergies, digestive system and general health issues. Having been treated in traditional western medicine for most of my life, I have found that you offer a much more holistic approach to my health, taking into account diet, exercise, stress and outlook on life in my treatment plans. And the results have been significant – you have been successful in essentially eliminating my allergies and healing serious intestinal problems without the use of drugs, and helping me to avoid expensive and what I consider dangerous pharmaceutical and/or surgical alternatives. I would highly recommend you (and have done so quite often) to anyone requiring health care.”
~ Steve Daniel

"I came to Dr. Tanya about seven years ago with some pretty severe stress related issues. I couldn’t believe how much time she spent with me really learning not only about my current issues but everything about me. I remember thinking: “Wow, she really cares about the whole person!” I followed her directions with my diet and supplements and for the first time made progress and got well. I trust her more than I trust my medical doctor.

Over the past seven years I have had other medical issues and I always consult with her, get her advice and run with it.

I would rather take a more natural route when it comes to my health. With Dr. Tanya I am able to do this. Everyone should be guided when taking supplements and homeopathic remedies. Dr. Tanya is my guidance. I am so glad I found her and am sure we will have a very long lasting patient/doctor relationship.

Dr. Tanya thanks for everything. Most of all thank you for caring."
~ Jamie Dreier

"In 2001 I was suffering from allergies and depression. My medical doctors kept telling me I had a hormonal issue. I wanted to know - why did I feel this way? What caused me to feel like this? How do we fix it so it doesn't happen again? All they would tell me is: “take this pill (Prozac) and you'll feel better.”

I knew in my heart that if I fed my body what it needed it would get better and I didn't want to start down the path of being on medication for the rest of my life. I wanted to try and prevent disease not wait for it to happen.

That's when I found out about Naturopathic medicine, and found you Dr.Tanya. You look at me holistically as a person and not as a statistic within a huge range that declares me healthy. I want to feel really good - not just ok. Since then you have taught me what foods feed my body and what foods cause me to not feel my best. You have taught me how to help my body heal itself. I have felt really good for years!

Today I do not take any allergy medication and when I start to feel drained, like my body is fighting a bug, I know what to do. I know how to listen to what my body is telling me and make better choices that will help my body fight back thanks to you.

And thank you for helping me ease into perimenopause – both physically and emotionally. There is truly balance in my life.

I am very happy to say Dr. Tanya that you will always be my first line of medical defense - and I’m looking forward to aging healthily and gracefully with you as my guide.”
~ Teri Buckmaster


“Tanya has been my Pilates and Gyrotonic trainer for the past three years. My body posture and alignment have improved a lot. I always feel refreshed, energized and rejuvenated after my training session with Tanya. She's great and I highly recommend her!”
~ Kathy Fang

"I have known you for over seven years when we both took Pilates classes (several days a week!) at Reformation. You had mentioned back then that you were planning on becoming a certified Pilates instructor so when I became a member at Los Gatos Health and Fitness a few years ago I was delighted to learn that you were one of the Pilates instructors there!

I really appreciate the classic style of Pilates you teach along with your flowing movements and low key cues which all contribute to a mindful and meditative experience for me. Your class is the perfect transition from my hectic workaday world where I can always count on being energized, stretched and mentally restored. And thanks for mixing it up with bands, straps and my favorite...no equipment at all- Tanya, I'm a big fan!"
~Nancy Cohen

" First off, let me say that Tanya Baldwin is a Rock Star Teacher!

I love working with her, she really knows how to teach. She gives very good cuing while teaching so that you know exactly where you should be working from. She explains and demonstrates the correct way of performing the exercises.

I have been training with Tanya for about 5-6 years now. She is the best teacher/instructor I have ever had. She is a very caring and compassionate person and you can tell she loves what she does. She can work with whatever limitations you bring with you and will modify the exercises for you so that your workout is a completely individualized program for you. She has taught me Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer and Gyrotonic. I love them all.

I would highly recommend her for group classes or privates one on one. Whatever class you take from her, you will leave that class wanting more."
~Jeannine Weiss

"Tanya, what began for me as just being one of your volunteers in a Gyrotonic demonstration, has evolved into a wonderful journey which has improved my conditioning and muscular tone, and gives me increased mental alertness and physical coordination every day. As someone with a long background in yoga, I’m amazed at how training with you enhances my yoga practice.

Your personalized cuing—both hands-on and verbal—helps me release my shoulder and back tightness. I always come away from our sessions feeling stronger, more relaxed and energized."
~Janice Wakimoto

" Tanya, just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your classes: you are an amazing teacher and I appreciate your competent and knowledgeable teaching style immensely. Your ready laughter is certainly wonderful, a light moment as one struggles on.
You are an expert at body mechanics which take an inordinate amount of time to learn and perfect, but you are able to teach it to a student body with varying abilities. Teaching Pilates and Gyrokinesis is difficult at best but you have a gift by using varied methods to bring a point across and I thank you for that"
~Monica Dournaee


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